Security Solutions

We specialize in Cyber Security and use the top security products in the industry to secure company from both external and internal threats.

We use a multi-layer approach to protect your company's assets, smart phones and data from all types of security threats. Our solution starts at your firewall and protects all devices including your smart phones.


We work with your company to implement the Critical Security Controls as defined by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

     - Intrusion Protection
     - Network Protection
     - Compliance
     - Security Monitoring
     - Security Assessment
     - Endpoint Protection
     - Email Protection
     - Server Protection
     - Encryption


Sky Technology helps build solutions to keep your business running

Security breaches can happen at any time, any place and on any electronic device today.

That's why it's critical for  your organization to have a comprehensive security plan in place. Security attacks can shutdown businesses for days while the security threat is being remediated. 

With our layered approach we start with keeping threats out of network, we then go further; monitoring your internal network as well all all the end devices for security threats.

Keeping your business running

Do you know what your business has in place to survive a security threat?

Our Security services build upon a layered approach and focuses on keeping your companies data and devices secure from internal as well as external threats.