Growing Threat of Ransomware

Has some in your company been hit with MALVERTISING? Using a website that uses false advertisements to inject Ransomware into your computer.

Malvertising is becoming more sophisticated and prevalent--and is the vehicle of choice for injecting ransomware.
As these attacks increase, you need to be able to recognize the patterns and disarm the threat within seconds before your company data is held hostage.

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PCI Compliance

If you haven’t guessed it by now, achieving and maintaining Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance can be both hard and expensive. For most small to medium sized organizations, it doesn’t have to be as long you have the right plan and tools in place. In this paper you’ll learn ve steps that you can take to implement and maintain PCI DSS compliance at your organization.

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Business Capabilities: How to win the digital age with a common language for Business & IT

In the digital age the role of technology shifts from supporting processes of the business strategy to the key factory of strategy execution itself. Information Technology helps that customers receive their shirt ordered online the next day, it helps that they can read their newspaper during their commute on an iPad and that the invoices for these services are processed without friction. As a result, the challenge how to bridge the gap between strategy and execution in IT becomes much more pressing.

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